All Weather Windows Remains Among First to Offer V-Weld Technology Windows

Innovative window joints offer improved durability and performance


While demand for sustainably built homes increases, new building code regulations focus on improved energy performance requirements, and affordability is high on everyone’s agenda—industry continues to lead the way with progressive, sustainable building practices and innovative solutions around products and processes, which support builders.


Energy efficient windows, long-known to improve a home’s efficiency, comfort, and sound reduction, continue advancing. This is evidenced with technology in a product line carried by All Weather Windows—one of the first Canadian manufacturers to carry this window technology—this in keeping with the company’s long-term commitment to providing energy efficient, sustainable, and weather-resistant windows and doors to homeowners, builders, dealers, and contractors across Canada.


With the v-weld technology offered in their Apex window series, the company has taken another step forward in durable, high performance windows.


V-weld window joints are fusion-welded together, leaving no gaps, and virtually eliminating water and air leakage. The extreme temperatures many parts of Canada experience can cause gaskets and silicone on traditional windows to expand and contract; over the long-term, this can lead to separation between joints—air and water leaks. The v-weld keeps the window strongly welded together, and the result is better frame integrity and performance, especially in climates where they’re needed most.


With increased window durability, homeowners have less maintenance over the long-term, while leak-proof windows are contributing to a less wasteful, and more efficient, comfortable home.


“We want to provide window and door solutions that are sustainable and help to protect the environment, while also maintaining key qualities such as durability, strength, and beauty,” says All Weather Windows.


Meanwhile, All Weather Windows has launched the Vantage patio door to their line-up of energy efficient doors. It’s their first patio door with their acrylic wrap colour application, so it can be matched to windows like the Apex series, above, with the same colour choices.


Like the Apex windows, these doors have a PVC frame, which allows for better corner weld retention and strength, reducing heat loss and adding to overall performance. And with triple-fin weather strips, interior glazing, and the option to upgrade to triple-pane glass, builders and homeowners can get patio doors that lend to a home with superior energy efficiency and soundproofing. A 10-year warranty comes with this door.


As Canada’s largest privately-owned window and door manufacturer, they’ve long fostered this type of green innovation, helping to advance the sustainable building industry.


Both the Apex window and Vantage patio door has a PVC frame—a material All Weather Windows’ manufacturing facilities recycle by the thousands of pounds, recovering 100% of their PVC waste. This is alongside recycling glass, cardboard, plastics, and aluminum, following the LEAN manufacturing process to increase efficiency and reduce consumption.