Conasys Home Inc.

Conasys Inc. is a forward-thinking Canadian company who specialize in better connecting builders and developers with their homeowners. Their suite of products are designed to enhance the home ownership experience while also improving brand awareness and alleviating much of the risk traditionally associated with the building industry.


Home Information Packages (HIP) are tailored online manuals for new homes. Delivered in both print and web-based formats, homeowners are provided with an inventory of products installed in their specific home, complete with the product manufacturer’s documentation for proper operation and maintenance. HIP’s are fully transferable to secondary homeowners and universally accessible to the homeowner, builder and property manager.



  • Provides Homeowners with Manuals for their BUILT GREEN® Home
  • Assists with BUILT GREEN® Verification process

Manufacturer: Conasys Inc.

Contact: Ian Blake

Phone: 604.988.0690



BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

7.2 Builder Provides Built Green Home Owners Manual, completed Built Green Checklist and educational walk through with sale or possession. (3 Points)