Finding a path through Canada’s energy-efficiency certification programs: Part Three

Is Built Green the home building certification Canada is looking for?

Courtesy of Canadian Contractor

Canadian Contractor’s review of certifiable energy-efficiency and sustainable building programs in Canada concludes (for now) with a look at Built Green, a builder-driven program that goes beyond mere energy-efficiency. 


Working through the proliferation of energy efficiency programs in Canada can be frustrating for both contractors and consumers. Public perceptions are being continually influenced by media coverage concerning greenhouse gases, energy performance and carbon footprints. 


In response, the industry has struggled to rally around any one design-build process that meets both the GHG commitments made by the Federal government but also works at ground level with industry. Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) EnerGuide system helps to some extent, but there are still a confusing number of other labels and program offerings.


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