Greener Homes Ltd.

Lethbridge, Alberta


Greener Homes prides itself in using high performance products and sustainable building practices to reduce the depletion of our resources.


Each home is designed to an exacting standard of absolute quality and state of the art efficiency, taking into account details such as passive solar gains and energy consumption, which is tracked by your home monitoring system. Two-by-eight construction, spray foamed walls to seal the building envelope, and an energy efficient ventilation system are just a few features standard in all our homes. We don’t cut corners when it comes to air quality and the comfort of your home! 
Greener Homes will work with you to perfect the design of your home, so that it best suits the needs of you and your family, while incorporating the energy efficient features that will reduce your monthly utility costs. Your new home will be built with the care and attention to detail that Greener Homes is known for.