Greener Homes takes home provincial Green Home Award

The residential building industry recently gathered at Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Alberta BUILD 2016 annual conference to focus on the past, present, and future—and to celebrate the accomplishments of volunteers, builders, and renovators in the residential building industry. Nestled in Jasper National Park, the conference includes the Awards of Excellence, where successes within the industry are celebrated and those who made it happen are recognized.
While this recognition is important within the industry, it is equally important to recognize both the builder—who goes above and beyond—and those who will enjoy the benefits of these quality homes: in particular, homebuyers who want to make informed purchasing decisions. This year, CHBA received over 400 entries for over 30 housing awards—finalists and winners alike, from across the province, were commended. Award categories range from safety to customer satisfaction, from single family to multi-family, from estate homes to builder of the year awards, and finally, for those who are building sustainably.
Many of the finalists are members of Built Green Canada and in the Green Home Award category they include: Avalon Master Builder, Greener Homes, and Habitat Studio. A home certified through Built Green Canada addresses energy efficiency, integrating the EnerGuide label though Natural Resources Canada, and then goes beyond to include materials & methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and business practices. The associated benefits include a healthier, more durable home with a lower environmental impact, as well as the ability to choose which green features will be integrated into the build. Further, the home is affordable with a reduction in monthly operating costs, rebates, and more.
The award-winning home may look “ordinary”, but it is actually an extraordinary performing house. Ordinary does not refer to curb appeal, layout, finishes, or special features as these are some of the criteria used to select the winners; rather, it refers to what is not visible as many green features cannot be seen and these very features are what make the home exceptional.
Take, for example, the zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint used throughout the home, reducing polluting vapours and odours in the home. Or the decks constructed using composite decking, made from material that is a combination plastic and recycled organic fibres, intended to last many years with low-to-no maintenance.
Greener Homes prides itself in using high performance products and sustainable building practices to reduce the depletion of our natural resources. Their substantial experience in alternative energy and passion for renewal resource technologies is aimed at reducing home operating costs. Each of their homes is designed to an exacting standard that takes into account details such as passive solar gains and energy consumption, which is tracked by an in-home monitoring system. And, their homes are designed with impeccable attention to function, quality, and design.
Their winning build has many noteworthy green features including: 
• Geothermal Heating/Radiant in-floor/Cooling 
• 46 PV Solar Panels 
• Accelera Heat Pump for DHW 
• HVI Certified HRV 
• Triple Pane Windows 
• 2x6 Staggered stud wall system 
• Finger Jointed Lumber used 
• R30 spray foam walls 
• R80 Attic insulation 
• Spray Foam under slab 
• Dual Flush Water Wise Toilets 
• Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures 
• 100% LED Lighting throughout 
• Composite Decking 
• Recycling Station 
• Zero VOC Paint 
• Aqua Board in Bathroom 
• Hurricane clips used in truss construction
 40 Year Shingles
A list this extensive explains their well-deserved win of the coveted Green Home Award. Greener Homes is redefining the meaning of energy efficiency in the residential building sector and going beyond to address the preservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution, ventilation and air quality, and the improvement of home durability.