Envelope & Energy Systems

Minimum 25 Points Required for Bronze, 30 points for Silver, 35 for Gold, and 40 for Platinum.

This section awards points for construction methods and types of products that contribute toward lower energy consumption, as well as alternative heating and electrical systems.


1.1.2   Replace exterior wood sheathing with insulating sheathing and structurally required metal bracing (2 points).

Johns Manville AP™ Foil-Faced Foam Sheathing

Quik-Therm Multi-Purpose Insulation

Quik-Therm Connect


1.1.3   Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) system used for foundation walls (2 points).

Quik-Therm Concrete Insulation System


1.1.6   Install site-applied spray foam (or cut-to-size rigid foam, sealed with appropriate foam/caulking) to insulate entire rim joist area (1 point), exposed floors (2 points), and/or house walls (4 points), and/or entire roof (3 points).

WALLTITE ECO® Polyurethane Insulation/Air Barrier | BASF Canada


1.1.8   Install R5 (1 point), R8 (2 points) or R12 (3 points) above building code required under entire basement slab.
FOAMULAR® Extruded Polystyrene Insulation  | Owens Corning

WALLTITE ECO® Polyurethane Insulation/Air Barrier | BASF Canada

Quik-Therm Multi-Purpose Insulation


1.1.13   Install weather-stripped and insulated (R15 minimum) manufactured interior attic hatch, or no interior attic access (1 point).

WALLTITE ECO® Polyurethane Insulation/Air Barrier | BASF Canada

1.1.16   All windows in home are ENERGY STAR labeled (or equivalent) for the climatic zone of the home (1 points), or for a higher zone (e.g. zone C windows on a home in zone B) (for 2 points).

All Weather Windows
Ambassador / Envoy / Consul Vinyl Windows | Plygem Windows and Doors Inc.

Regency Metal Clad Windows | Plygem Windows and Doors Inc.

Tilt and Glide Sliding Glass Doors | Innotech Windows and Doors

Tilt and Turn Terrace Swing Glass Doors | Innotech Windows and Doors

Tilt and Turn Picture Windows | Innotech Windows and Doors   Install ENERGY STAR rated “tankless” hot water heater (EF >0.80 for 2 points; EF >0.90 for 3 points).

Noritz Tankless Hot Water System | Trail Appliances


1.2.8   Install drain water heat recovery (DWHR) units on the main drain stack to recover heat from shower drain water. DWHR units must be CSA certified to B55.1 and B55.2: 1 point for units less than 42% efficient and 2 points for units greater than, or equal to, 42% efficient that are fully insulated (2 points).

Watercycle | Watercycles Energy Recovery Inc.

ThermoDrainTM | EcoInnovation Technologies Inc.

1.5.1   ENERGY STAR lighting or LED used in kitchen, living room, main hallways, and main bath (1 point), or interior and exterior lighting uses ENERGY STAR bulbs or LED (2 points)

AIR-KING’S BFQF70 Exhaust Fan/Light 

AIR-KING’S AKF50 Exhaust Fan/Light

AIR-KING’S AKF80LS Exhaust Fan/Light

AIR-KING’S AKF100 Exhaust Fan/Light

AIR-KING’S AKF100D4 Exhaust Fan/Light

AKF80H Exhaust FanLight

AIR-KING’S AKF100H Exhaust FanLight

AIR-KING’S ESF Series Exhaust Fan/Light

AIR-KING’S ESFGH Series Exhaust Fan/Light

AIR-KING’S BFQF50 Exhaust Fan/Light