Inclusionary Housing: Built Green Waives Fees in Support of Affordable Housing and Builders 


For years, the call for affordable housing has been getting louder. While a number of municipalities across the country already have inclusionary housing regulations or guidelines in place, others are looking at how to shape the policies they will adopt. 


Built Green Canada will help offset costs for those choosing to build more sustainably and certify through its programs. 


Built Green has long been committed to affordability—for the builder and the homeowner—and to providing support to builders working to progress the industry through its holistic certification programs. 


As such, for those units required to be built as part of the inclusionary housing mandate, Built Green is offering financial support: a full financial waiver for the home certification fees on inclusionary units, and for those builders new to the program, a waiver on the BUILT GREEN® Program Fundamentals Training course fee. 


Alongside a reduced fee Built Green offers to Habitat for Humanity affiliates as well as builders involved in the Fort McMurray rebuild, this is another step forward in the organization’s efforts to support affordable housing and contribute to progressing the residential building industry. 


Meanwhile, sustainable building inherently complements affordable living. 


Built Green takes a holistic approach that includes the preservation of natural resources and improvement of home durability—resulting in reduced monthly operating costs (utilities) and fewer fix-its, while homeowners with BUILT GREEN® certified homes are automatically eligible for mortgage insurance refunds, and rebates are available for single family and high density green projects in select markets.