Jayman BUILT

Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta



Built Green Canada acknowledges its founding member, Jayman BUILT, who has been steadfast in its support of the organization—Jayman was the first builder to register a BUILT GREEN® home. They introduced low-flush toilets to their builds in 2002, which went on to become one of their standards and introduced high-efficiency furnaces in 2004 also a standard feature in their specifications, setting new standards across the industry. It is thanks to builders like Jayman who are committed to a high level of environmental performance that we're seeing continuous improvements to environmentally responsible construction.


For more than thirty years, Jayman has helped customers find their dream homes. As one of Alberta's most reputable builders, our industry-leading approach has resulted in an entirely new standard of quality. Jayman’s many satisfied customers are a reflection of the company’s depth of industry experience, and its use of the latest technology, innovations and leading edge products to consistently deliver both quality and value.

At Jayman, we believe in creating lasting communities. To do this, we build quality homes in well-planned developments. To ensure our communities are truly equipped for future generations, we also focus on sustainability. At Jayman our goal is to bring the traditional art of home building to the next level.  By re-examining the entire process of building homes, the latest technologies and the most cutting edge products we can save you money, create a healthier living environment and protect our planet.  We strive to not only redefine the way a home is built but to do something that will make a lasting difference.

Jayman BUILT & Built Green

An advocate of energy efficiency, Jayman spearheaded the introduction of the Built Green concept in Alberta. Built Green has four levels of achievement—Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Points are awarded to each home based on products and construction methods. Every Jayman home is rated certified to BUILT GREEN® standards.

Our Commitment to the Future

•    Because water quality and availability is a growing concern, Jayman equips its homes with low-flow toilets.
•    The lumber we use for framing, decks and hardwood flooring come from sustainable harvested sources.
•    We use recycled materials, including insulation, asphalt roofing and interior doors.
•    We source our products locally when possible to cut down on transportation costs.
•    We have developed cutting edge options in the areas of advanced energy conservation, air quality and solar energy technologies.

Join us in making a difference and welcome to the evolution of Jayman. Visit us online at www.jayman.com