Lafarge General Use Concrete

Lafarge’s general use concrete line uses by-products from other manufacturing industry such as fly ash and slag, at a 30% cement replacement. This reduces the overall environmental impact of these industry waste by-products and reduces the overall carbon footprint of the concrete 

Lafarge utilizes Portland Limestone Cement, which results in a 10% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions as compared to regular portland general use cement. To minimize our impact on water resources, Lafarge reduces the amount of fresh water consumption by incorporating a percentage of reclaimed water to the concrete. Regular quality control testing ensures there is no impact to the concretes fresh and hardened properties. 

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Manufacturer: Lafarge Canada - Greater Vancouver Area 

Phone: 778.231.1603 

Contact: Katherine Chevrier 



BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

2.1.8   Deck or veranda surfaces (1 point) and/or structure (1 point) made from a third-party certified concrete (i.e. concrete from a source having a third-party certified reclamation plan), or from concrete containing a minimum of 25% supplementary cementitious materials.

2.2.4   Concrete used in home has a minimum supplementary cementing material of 25% (1 point) or 40% (2 points) within the scope of proper engineering practices.