Building a green life

Owning a BUILT GREEN® Home requires you to look at how you utilize energy and water. Builders and Renovators will supply you with the information on the systems in your home. Please review this information, as it is critical to ensuring that your home maintains its energy and water efficiency.

Changing your Furnace Filter

How often you need to change your furnace filter? Once a year is a good guideline, but if you are living close to new construction area, check it every six months as the dirt and dust will accumulate more rapidly.

Do you have a Heat Recovery Ventilator?

If the answer is yes, these are very good at maintaining the comfort of the home through all seasons. Ensure you know how to operate it in order to maximize the energy efficiency of your home.

Plumbing and Water Conservation

Do not flush a lot of toilet paper, feminine hygiene or cleaning products down your toilets. Paper and cotton will clog your pipes and can be costly in making repairs. Cleaning products will impact, not only the ground water systems, but the overall integrity of your pipes.

Do not keep the water running when brushing your teeth.

Pay attention to the length of your showers. If you have teenagers in your home, perhaps set guidelines with them on shower length. Engage them in their responsibility to take care of our valuable water resources. Remember to set the example and keep your showers at a reasonable length.

Pay attention to your water use in the kitchen. Are you running the sink unnecessarily? If so, what can you do differently to ensure better usage?