Membership Benefits

Built Green Canada offers members the means to remain competitive and increase their homes’ credibility and quality with third-party certification in a program that goes beyond energy efficiency toward a more holistic approach to sustainable building practices, which includes the preservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution, ventilation and air quality, and the improvement of home durability. Through our programs, builders are able to offer their homeowners valuable benefits, including healthier, more durable homes that are saving them money in monthly operating costs and fewer renovations. Plus, a BUILT GREEN® certified home includes a two-in-one: the EnerGuide label and the BUILT GREEN® seal.

The programs are less to participate in financially and are easier to administer than many other programs, offering four levels of certification, which means the builder can work with the consumer to customize their home based on budgets and priorities. Further, we offer our members the opportunity to show leadership in sustainability, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and create goodwill within and for the construction sector.

Benefits of BUILT GREEN® Membership
  • Gain competitive advantage—the program allows you to differentiate yourself from your competition and further, while some of your competitors may integrate green building practices, they do not have the third-party certification and ultimate credibility offered through Built Green;
  • Show leadership and vision—participation allows you to demonstrate your leadership and highlight your industry’s vision through progressive builder-led initiative such as Built Green;
  • Ease the transition into green technology—regulation on environmental issues continues to increase and the program offers the opportunity to stay ahead of imposed controls;
  • Invest small and remunerate big—as compared to other prominent programs, Built Green’s participation costs are minimal. The pay-off of gaining a competitive edge, showing leadership, and staying ahead of government-imposed regulation far outweighs the financial expense; and
  • Implement the program with ease—it’s a simple way to add sustainability features to your homes. Checklists include pre-approved samples, and supporting guides make navigating Built Green straight forward.
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Once you're approved, your organization is posted on our website, and once you’ve completed a BUILT GREEN® home, you are featured hereYou have access to Built Green Canada's marketing toolkit, which include a customizable brochure, site/window decal, key messages, marketing tips, access to the Built Green Canada logo, and so forth. Additionally, members and their activities are promoted through various communication channels—members are encouraged to keep the BUILT GREEN® office updated on their activity.

Certification & Credibility

This certification recognizes the authenticity of the home and offers credibility, as you’re able to review a detailed report and a checklist, showing which products were used. Plus, as the homeowner, you have a reference for the maintenance of the home and can rely on home performance expectations associated with the certification. And certification offers you bragging rights—proudly display the certification of your home by investing in a BUILT GREEN® plaque that appears on the outside of the home or on the sidewalk.