Net Zero Homes Priced Under $400,000 have Arrived in Edmonton 

Landmark Home’s Net Zero home also achieves BUILT GREEN® Platinum certification


Net Zero energy homes, homes that produce as much energy as they consume on an annual basis, have typically been reserved for individuals with a deep commitment to sustainable living or those willing to invest a fair sum of money towards energy efficiency. Landmark Homes is changing that. With its latest project in Maple Crest, Net Zero energy homes will be offered to the masses, and Landmark’s eventual goal is to build all of their homes to Net Zero energy standards, with affordability being the target.


Their latest Net Zero project in Edmonton’s southeast neighbourhood of Maple Crest has a starting price of $399,737, which includes the lot, home, garage, Net Zero upgrades and GST. This price is very much in line with February’s median selling price of $391,000 for a single family home in Edmonton. It’s possible that this home will be one of; if not the most affordable single-family Net Zerohomes in Canada. The show home, located at 2686 Maple Way NW, opened to the public on Saturday, March 18.


The opening of this Net Zero home is in keeping with the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainable initiatives and innovations that lead to improvements in energy efficient building practices. For over ten years, Landmark Homes has been diligently working to drive down the cost of Net Zero energy homes and the homes they’re building in Maple Crest today are laying down the groundwork for the mass adoption of this type of housing in the coming years.


A Net Zero home is designed to be more comfortable, more efficient, and healthier than a traditional home and offers a wide range of benefits including:


- Low annual operating costs—utility bills fall to an all-time low and stay low year round. Homeowners are even credited for the energy they export back to the grid.

- Protection from future increases in energy prices

- Exceptional comfort all year round—advanced construction methods and materials means even temperatures throughout the home

- Excellent indoor air quality with a built-in filtered fresh air system

- Tightly built and well insulated, a Net Zero home is quieter


Net Zero homes complement BUILT GREEN®


Net Zero homes are complementary to those certified through Built Green Canada whose programs take a holistic approach to sustainable building practices that addresses energy efficiency and then goes beyond to include materials and methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and business practices. Beyond the benefits of an energy efficient homes, those builds certified through Built Green Canada offer a healthier, more durable home with a lower environmental impact, as well as the ability to choose which green features you want.


Further, BUILT GREEN® homes are affordable with a reduction in monthly operating costs, rebate eligibility, and more. The benefit of longer-term durability through the efficient use of building materials and processes means a longer life for the home with lower maintenance costs. Further, single family new homes certified through Built Green Canada are automatically eligible for a partial mortgage loan insurance premium refund of 15%. Plus, consumers who purchase a BUILT GREEN® certified home will benefit from an increase in market and resale value. Canadian Home Builders' Association’s recent research has shown homes with green certification sell for close to 10% more on average than homes without green certification.