Built Green Canada is an industry-driven, voluntary program that promotes “green” building practices to reduce the impact building has on the environment. Our programs benefit the home buyer, the home builder, the community, and the environment, and offer everyone an opportunity to choose a “green” future.


Built Green is a national organization that works with those interested in responsible sustainability practices within the residential building sector; this includes builders, renovators, product suppliers and manufacturers, service providers, community developers, and municipalities


The primary purpose of Built Green Canada is to encourage and enable the use of practices, technologies, and products within the residential building sector that will:

  • Provide greater energy efficiency and reduce pollution and waste
  • Provide healthier indoor air
  • Reduce water usage
  • Preserve natural resources
  • Improve durability and reduce maintenance


The BUILT GREEN® program concentrates on seven areas: energy efficiency; materials and methods; indoor air quality; ventilation; waste management; water management; and business practices.


As a BUILT GREEN® homeowner, there are many benefits to enjoy, including enhanced and retained home value; increased home durability; and reduced utilities' costs. You live in a healthier home with better ventilation and fewer allergens in the air: low or zero VOC paints, low or formaldehyde-free building materials, and third-party certified floor coverings all contribute to a healthier indoor environment for you and your family—you can expect to breathe easier, and the severity of asthma and allergies in these homes is far reduced.


You also contribute to a healthier outdoor environment: BUILT GREEN® homes produce fewer Green House gas emissions by needing less energy to operation, and are made with less waste.


Ultimately, a BUILT GREEN® homeowner has a more comfortable house. Between airtight rooms, triple-paned windows, and better ventilation, your BUILT GREEN® home has less temperature variation from room to room, reduced drafts, superior energy efficiency, fewer lingering odors, and substantial sound reduction from exterior sources. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing you made a responsible, sustainable, and smart choice by making a commitment to the environment and future generations through your BUILT GREEN® home.


As a home builder, the benefits of participating in the BUILT GREEN® program are outlined here.