Quik-Therm Solar Dry Insulation


Solar Dry is an exterior insulation that allows for both breathability and rain screen integration. Drainage cavity grooves on the inboard side allow the wall to breathe, drain, and disperse any moisture. On the outboard side, grooves located at 8” on centre allow easy of aligning rain screen strapping. Solar Dry significantly improves the performance of the wall, allows construction of 2x4” construction, and is approved by building science and building inspectors.


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Manufacturer: Quik-Therm Insulation

Contact Name: Derek Snitynsky

Contact Email: derek@quiktherm.com

Phone: 250.863.3653

Website: www.QuikTherm.com

BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

Single Family Checklist

1.1.1   Install additional insulation on exterior of above-grade walls, above insulation amounts already required by code: add R5 for 1 point or R10 for 3 points.

2.3.3   Use a rain screen system to separate cladding from the wall sheathing with a drainage plane (2 points), made from 60% or more recycled content (additional 1 point for 60% OR additional 2 points for more than 90% recycled content). Integrate windows into drainage plane by angling bottom sills slightly down towards the exterior, and install window flashing to direct moisture out towards the drainage plane (additional 1 point).