Smallworks Studios and Laneway Housing

Vancouver, British columbia


Conquering the rising cost of entry level housing in Vancouver's hot real estate market is generating some creative solutions. And for those who have an existing property or an agreement with a property owner, a lane house can be that creative solution.

For the past seven years Smallworks has constructed lane houses in Vancouver. Small, beautiful, affordable, and sustainable, featuring a designer interior, integrated millwork, and quality exterior and interior finishessome with two bedrooms and two bathrooms on two levels—a Smallworks' lane house at approximately $250,000 (CDN) can help curtail Vancouver home ownership "sticker shock".

Working with licensed architects who have been in practice for over 20 years and employing construction methods that exceed the green building practices for Vancouver's Green Home Program, Smallworks' experience, expertise, and innovation in the design and build of small homes has resulted in a variety of pre-approved lane house designs as well as custom built lane houses and small homes that accommodate anyone's needs. 

And for many of our clients, those needs include the needs of an extended family, and as much as their lane house is about alleviating costs, it is also about strengthening the ties that bind. A lane house is a perfect solution for inter-generational living: young couples building a lane house on their parents’ property, retired couples moving into their lane house while the younger generation takes over the main house, couples or families building a lane house for parents or grandparents.

Living small doesn't necessarily mean living with less. Build small. Live small. And strengthen the ties that bind. A Smallworks' lane house can help you do it.