SunPump Solar Inc. 

SunPump® combines solar and variable heat pump efficiency to pull energy from the sun, wind, rain, and night—enough to heat a northern home and hot water. Distribution works for radiant heat and forced air. An electric back-up and thermal battery tank are built in to the stainless-steel-fridge-like indoor appliance, with a touchscreen controller.
All 2016 SunPump units are DC Inverter driven ECM motors that operate at variable speeds depending on heating load.

Contact Name: Tania Gray - Builder Support

Contact Email:

Phone: 866.855.2017 ext. 102


Manufacturer: SunPump Solar Inc. 12960 - 84th Ave. Surrey, BC. V3W 1K7


BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

Single Family Checklist

1.2.3  Install a ground/water (minimum COP of 4 or SEER 15) or air source (min COP of 2 or SEER 15) heat pump for heating and cooling. A backup/secondary heating source may be awarded points under other items in this section (5 points).

1.2.5   Install HVAC appliance with variable speed fan (i.e. brushless DC electrically communtated motors: ECM) (1 point).

1.4.2   Install active solar hot water heating system, sized for 30% of DHW load (5 points), 50% (6 points), or 80% (8 points).