Take the BUILT GREEN® Pledge


The BUILT GREEN® Pledge is a new tradition by Built Green Canada, which was formalized at the 2015 Annual General Meeting by the 2014 outgoing and 2015 incoming Board of Directors who were the first to take the pledge. It represents the commitment made by those leading the way in sustainable building practices who recognize the financial and quality-based benefits of a sustainably built home and want to do their part towards the health and peace of mind of future homeowners and future generations—a commitment to building BUILT GREEN® certified homes whenever possible, while spread this brand of sustainable building.


If you would like to join others leading the way in sustainable building practices and formalize your commitment, contact us at info@builtgreencanada.ca. Should we be able to be there in person, we will be, and if not, we will send you your pledge package, including the pledge wording and the certificate. We encourage you to record your pledge and email it to uswe'll post it online and encourage you to do the same.