Built Green Canada: Training is Eligible for CPD Points / Master Builder Training Credits


Built Green Canada believes training is essential. One of the requirements for BUILT GREEN® membership is that training is taken every two years. All builder and renovator members must be trained in BUILT GREEN® practices, policies, and procedures prior to building their BUILT GREEN® projects. Contracted trades and/or suppliers are also encouraged to take our training, as are non-members interested in our programs.


Effectively immediately, our two online training programs are eligible for CPD points with BC Housing as well for Master Builder training credits with the Professional Home Builders Institute. If your training needs to be updated we encourage you to consider the options below:

1. BUILT GREEN® Program Fundamentals

$150 (plus tax) for members / $250 (plus tax) for non-members

 - 3 CPD Points through BC Housing

- Master Builder Training Credits through Professional Home Builders Institute


Overview: BUILT GREEN® Program Fundamentals is a requirement for new builders and focuses on the fundamental aspects of the program to orient participants on how to work with Built Green; introduce them to the administrative and technical requirements; prepare them to successfully navigate Built Green’s quality assurance processes; and offer them resources to help them be successful at building BUILT GREEN® homes. 

A 15% discount is offered to companies that send more than five staff to our training. 


To register: built-green-program-fundamentals-registration


We strongly recommend building science training as a natural progression, and to encourage continued education, points may be earned on our checklist for doing so.


2. Construction Technology for BUILT GREEN®

$276.50 (plus tax) for BUILT GREEN® members* / $395 (plus tax) for non-members 

- 15 CPD Points through BC Housing

- Master Builder Training Credits through Professional Home Builders Institute


Overview: This course places heavy emphasis on building science and building better and addresses the house as a system concept; the role of sustainable development in construction; how building science affects building durability and occupant comfort; the signs, symptoms, and solutions for good indoor air quality; building envelope details and how they control or contribute to heat, air, and moisture flows; and mechanical systems. In total, there are 14 online modules, each with a downloadable study guide to accompany the online learning program. This is offered through online training provider, Blue House Energy—a company committed to the delivery of online, on-demand courses in building science and energy efficiency for trades, renovators, contractors, and home performance professionals. 


*Obtain your 30% discount code through Built Green Canada before registering.


To register: www.bluehouseenergy.com/products/construction-technology-for-built-green-members


Should you have any questions or require support, please do let us know. If you have taken applicable training elsewhere please contact our office for confirmation, and we will update your profile accordingly.


Thanks for building more sustainably.