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Built Green Canada offers builder and supporting members the opportunity to show leadership in sustainability, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and create goodwill within and for the construction sector. The programs are substantially less to participate in financially and are easier to administer than many other programs, offering four levels of certification which mean the builder can work with the consumer to customize their home based on budgets and priorities.

Benefits of BUILT GREEN® Membership

  • Gain competitive advantage—the program allows you to differentiate yourself from your competition and further, while some of your competitors may integrate green building practices, they do not have the third-party certification and ultimate credibility offered through Built Green;
  • Show leadership and vision—participation allows you to demonstrate your leadership and highlight your industry’s vision through progressive builder-led initiative such as Built Green;
  • Ease the transition into green technology—regulation on environmental issues continues to increase and the program offers the opportunity to stay ahead of imposed controls;
  • Invest small and remunerate big—as compared to other prominent programs, Built Green’s participation costs are minimal. The pay-off of gaining a competitive edge, showing leadership, and staying ahead of government-imposed regulation far outweighs the financial expense; and
  • Implement the program with ease—it’s a simple way to add sustainability features to your homes. Checklists include pre-approved samples, and supporting guides make navigating Built Green straight forward.


"Built Green Canada has served as a wonderful vehicle to progress our green building and durability initiatives. For companies like ours, it is a simple way to add sustainability to their product offering. Out customers appreciate being able to customize their 'colour of green' by working with our staff to select items that they find important for their new home. The program has differentiated us from our competitors and, over the past ten years, has helped us stay ahead of energy-related code changes." - Murray Pound, V.P. Operations, Gold Seal Master Builder

Types of BUILT GREEN® Membership
  • Builder members are all those members who are responsible for the design, creation, and construction of housing.
  • Supporting members are all those who are responsible for products or services they sell or provide for housing construction.

    Builder/Renovator Membership Criteria

    In order to qualify for a Builder/Renovator membership you must meet the following criteria:

    • Membership with a professional builders’ association, as approved by the Built Green Canada Executive Committee.
    • Adherence to the organization’s professional code of ethics for members. Completion of the Built Green Canada Training Course and remains current (High Density program excluded).
    • Membership with a home warranty program (High Density and Renovator program excluded).
    • Payment of Built Green Canada membership dues up-to-date.
    • Completion of a minimum of one enrollment for a built or renovated BUILT GREEN® certified home per year, unless exempted by the Board of Directors.
    Supporting Membership Criteria

    As a Supporting member you must meet the following terms:

      • Is a member of a professional association, as approved by the Built Green Canada Executive Committee, in a field related to energy efficiency, environmental protection, or residential home construction;
      • Adheres to the member’s professional association code of ethics;
      • Demonstrates support of Built Green Canada and the BUILT GREEN® Program—for example, supporting members' office signage clearly displays the BUILT GREEN® logo;
      • Demonstrates commitment to environmental sustainability through business practice including (must meet three):
          • Supporting member has written an environmental policy defining their commitment (must include an office recycling program and energy efficient lighting);
          • Supporting member openly communicates about its environmental practices and performance—for example, includes appropriate signage to reinforce their environmental policy in the office;
          • Supporting member invests in staff’s professional development by covering the cost of BUILT GREEN® training;
          • Supporting member encourages carpooling, public transit, and cycling to and from work;
          • Supporting member supports public transit and cycling as transportation mode during the workday by covering costs of public transportation and/or ensuring viable space for bicycle storage;
          • Supporting member has a hybrid or energy-efficient vehicle (relevant only to company vehicles);
          • Supporting member promotes improved environmental performance by setting expectations for its business partners and seeks business relationships with organizations that share a commitment to sustainability;
          • Supporting member demonstrates their commitment to environmental sustainability in other ways not included herein.
      • Meets the conditions of membership, as may be set from time to time; and
      • Payment of Built Green Canada membership dues up-to-date.

      • Builder/Renovator Membership Dues: $500.00 / year pro-rated
      • Supporting Membership Dues: $250.00 / year pro-rated

      Once you're approved, your organization is posted on our website, and you have access to Built Green Canada's marketing toolkit, which include a customizable brochure, site/window decal, key messages, social media marketing tips, access to the Built Green Canada logo, and so forth. Additionally, members and their activities are promoted through various communication channels—members are encouraged to keep the BUILT GREEN® office updated on their activity.

      Certification & Credibility

      This certification recognizes the authenticity of the home and offers credibility, as you’re able to review a detailed report and a checklist, showing which products were used. Plus, as the homeowner, you have a reference for the maintenance of the home and can rely on home performance expectations associated with the certification. And certification offers you bragging rights—proudly display the certification of your home by investing in a BUILT GREEN® plaque that appears on the outside of the home or on the sidewalk.


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