Built Green Canada's members are committed to responsible sustainability practices in the residential building sector and to all these members, thank you. Further contact information is listed below.

Membership and General Inquiries

Phone: 780.485.0920

Email: info@builtgreencanada.ca

Program Delivery

In Alberta

Enviromatics Group

Steve:  780.482.1771

Email: steve@enviromaticsgroup.com

Website: www.enviromaticsgroup.com

In British Columbia

Canadian Home Builders Association British Columbia 

Vanessa:  1.800.933.6777 ext. 314

Email: vanessa@chbabc.org
Website: www.chbabc.org


In Saskatchewan

Enviromatics Group

Steve:  780.482.1771

Email: steve@enviromaticsgroup.com

Website: www.enviromaticsgroup.com


In Ontario

Mindscape Innovations

Phone: 519.744.3592

Email: info@mi-group.ca

Website: http://www.mi-group.ca


BUILT GREEN® Program Fundamentals, Module 1

This training course is mandatory for builder members and focuses on the fundamental aspects of the program to orient participants on how to navigate through BUILT GREEN® programs.

Phone: 780.485.0920

Email: info@builtgreencanada.ca

Website: www.builtgreencanada.ca/built-green-training


Building Science for New Homes

Built Green Canada believes training is essential and strongly recommend the building science training course offered through our valued provincial Delivery Agents—points may be earned on our 2015 Checklist.

For further information on the next “Building Science for New Homes” please contact your Delivery Agent.

Technical Questions

For technical questions regarding the BUILT GREEN® Checklists and/or Guides:

Built Green Canada

Phone: 780.485.0920

Email: info@builtgreencanada.ca

Product Catalogue 

The BUILT GREEN® Product Catalogue provides builders and renovators with product listings for use in energy efficient homes. If you are interested in your product being listed, click here

Built Green Canada Plaques

Metal plaques are available for BUILT GREEN® Certified homes and are available in bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and generic (no level identified), at a cost of $35.00 each + GST + shipping. 


Plaques are 4" x 4" and may be installed on the exterior or interior of your home. For a sample click here.

If you require verification of your project's performance level to determine which plaque(s) to order, please check the database or portal that your project is registered or contact your Delivery Agent:

To order, click here.