Materials and Methods

Minimum 20 Points Required

This section rewards efficient use of framing materials, alternatives to using large dimensional lumber, products and finishes  which are more durable, made with recycled content, or wood products that come from sustainably managed forests. Many Building Material items also improve thermal performance and offer energy benefit.

2.2.5   All insulation used in home is certified by a third-party to contain a minimum recycled content: 25% (1 point), 50% (2 points), or 90% (3 points).

EcoTouch® PINK™ FIBERGLAS® Thermal, Acoustical and Blowing wool | Owens Corning

Formaldehyde Free Insulation | Johns Manville

CertainTeed Sustainable Insulation

2.2.11   Solid countertops are made from durable materials such as granite, concrete, glass, metal, or local natural stone, for all kitchen counters (2 points), or all other countertop areas (1 point), or both (3 points total). Countertops have 30% or higher recycled content (1 additional point).
Ocean Pearl Natural Building Stone | K2 Stone Quarries Inc.   Exterior doors with a minimum of 15% recycled and/or recovered content (1 point).

Tilt and Glide Sliding Glass Doors| Innotech Windows and Doors

Tilt and Turn Picture Windows | Innotech Windows and Doors

Tilt and Turn Terrace Swing Glass Doors | Innotech Windows and Doors


2.2.21   Minimum 25% recycled-content roofing system, including underlay and finish for 1 point, 50% recycled content for 2 points.

G.E.M. EuroShake Rubber Roofing System | G.E.M. Inc.

G.E.M. EuroSlate Rubber Roofing System | G.E.M. Inc.


2.3.1   Minimum 30-year manufacturer warranty roofing material (2 points plus 1 point for each additional 5 years). "Lifetime" warranties have terms/conditions that ultimately have a limit in real years, and will not be considered unless clarified. Inspection by certified roofing inspector or an envelope engineer for 1 point.

CRC Biltmore™ AR Architectural Shingle | Canroof Corporation

G.E.M. EuroShake Rubber Roofing System | G.E.M. Inc.
G.E.M. EuroSlate Rubber Roofing System | G.E.M. Inc.
IKO Armourshake Premium Shingle | Iko Industries
IKO Cambridge Roofing Shingles | Iko Industries
IKO Crowne Slate Roofing Shingles | Iko Industries

IKO Cambridge IR Architectural Shingle | Iko Industries

IKO Marathon Ultra AR | Iko Industries

IKO Royal Estate Shingle | Iko Industries


2.3.2   Low-VOC water or damp proofing on foundation walls. (SCAQMD Rule 1113, 2004 VOC limits: Waterproofing sealers <=250 g/L / Waterproofing Concrete or Masonry Sealers: <=400 g/L). 1 point.
Watchdog Waterproofing | Tremco: Barrier Solutions


2.3.3   Use a rain screen system to separate cladding from the wall sheathing with a drainage plane (2 points), made from 60% or more recycled content (additional 1 point for 60% OR additional 2 points for more than 90% recycled content). Integrate windows into drainage plane by angling bottom sills slightly down towards the exterior, and install window flashing to direct moisture out towards the drainage plane (additional 1 point).


IKO Dynasty Architectural Shingle

CRC Biltmore™ AR Architectural Shingle

2.3.4   All exterior doors and windows manufactured from fiberglass (1 point for windows and/or 1 point for doors).
Fiberglass Entry Doors | All Weather Windows


2.3.5   Natural cementitious stone/stucco/brick or fiber cement siding, or combination thereof for 25% of exterior cladding (for 1 point), 50% (for 2 points), 75% (for 3 points) or more than 90% (for 4 points).
Ocean Pearl Natural Building Stone | K2 Stone Quarries Inc.
Cultured Stone by Boral | Canadian Stone

Boulder Stone Products


2.3.9   Deck or veranda surfaces made from environmentally preferable low-maintenance materials (e.g. stone, concrete, tile, composites, etc.) that do not need maintenance of any kind, including painting, for a minimum of 5 years.

Ocean Pearl Natural Building Stone | K2 Stone Quarries Inc.