K2 Stone: Ocean Pearl Natural Building Stone

Ocean Pearl Natural Stone is a long lasting, durable and natural product. It is quarried locally in Port Renfrew and all our Building/Landscape products are processed locally in Nanaimo. Building products consist of thinstone veneer, full bed ledgestone and capping. Landscape products consist of flagstone, cobbles, wallstone and others.

Manufacturer: K2 Stone Quarries Inc.
Contact: Michael Penner
Phone: 8250.722.2420

Email: michael@k2stone.ca

Website: www.k2stone.com

BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing this function:

2-30  Local natural stone or recycled content (30% of content) solid counter tops for all kitchen counters (2 points), all other counter tops (1 point).

2-48  Natural cementitious stone/stucco/brick or fiber cement siding, or combination thereof for 25% of exterior cladding (for 1 point), 50% (for 2 points), 75% (for 3 points) or > 90% (for 4 points).

2-52  Deck or veranda surfaces made from low maintenance materials - deck surfaces do not need maintenance of any kind, including painting, for a minimum of 5 years (2 points).

7-6  Builder's show homes incorporate permeable landscaping which is water efficient or xeriscaped (50% of lawn 2 points, 100% 4 points).