Indoor Air Quality

Minimum 15 Points Required

This section focuses on the quality of the air within the finished home. Products listed here include materials that are low in VOC’s, products made from all natural materials as well as various air cleaning and ventilation.


3-2   Install electronic or electrostatic air cleaner on HVAC system (1 point).
Furnace Fresh Air Intake Vent Pre-Filter System| Ultimate Vent


3-4  Install HEPA filtration system in conjunction with an HVAC system (4 points).

IQAir Perfect 16 (MERV 16 Air Purification System | Trail Appliances/IQAir North America

Wallbar Insulation | Can-Cell Industries
Weathershield Insulation |Can-Cell Industries

WALLTITE ECO® Polyurethane Insulation/Air Barrier

Formaldehyde Free Insulation| JohnsManville


3-9  All insulation in the home is third-party certified or certified with low or zero fomaldehyde (2 points).

Wallbar Insulation | Can-Cell Industries

Weathershield Insulation | Can-Cell Industries

ICYNENE LD-C-50TM Spray Formula | Icynene Inc.

Formaldehyde Free Insulation | Johns Manville

EcoTouch® PINK TM FIBERGLAS  Thermal, Acoustical and Blowing Wool | Owens Corning

Polycore Insulated Sleeper Floor System | Polycore Canada Inc.

CertainTeed Gypsum & Insulation


3-12  Low formaldehyde particle board/MDF (less than 0.18 ppm) = 1 point, or zero formaldehyde particle board/MDF (2 points) used for cabinets (1 or 2 points).

freedomRail System | Organized Living


3-13  Low formaldehyde particle board/MDF ( less than 0.18 ppm) = 1 point, or zero formaldehyde particle board/MDF (2 points) for cabinets.

freedomRail System | Organized Living


3-14  All interior wire shelving is factory coated with low VOC / no off gassing coatings (1 point).

freedomRail System | Organized Living


3-16  All wood or laminate flooring in home is factory finished (2 points).

Eterna Prefinished Hardwood Flooring | Divine Hardwood Flooring

Model Prefinished Hardwood Flooring | Divine Hardwood Flooring

Life Proof Flooring, Bamboo Hardwood| Bamboo Innovations