Choose to Save: Partial Mortgage Loan Insurance Rebate

Energy-efficient homes are linked to increased comfort and healthier living, while improving energy efficiency reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers the cost of owning and maintaining your home. 


Single family new homes certified through Built Green Canada are automatically eligible for a partial mortgage loan insurance premium refund of 15% through Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation and Genworth Canada. Obtain your Building Certificate of Authenticity:

Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation's Green Home Program

CMHC Green Home offers a premium refund of 15% to borrowers who either buy or build through Built Green Canada for energy efficiency using CMHC-insured financing. Visit the CMHC Green Home Program for more information. Calculate your rebate.


Genworth Canada’s Energy-Efficient Housing Program

Genworth Canada wants to help protect the environment and support consumers as they make environmentally friendly choices. Through their Energy-Efficient Housing Program, home buyers purchasing an energy-efficient home or making energy saving renovations are now eligible for significant premium savings when Genworth Canada insurance is obtained. Visit Genworth Canada’s Energy-Efficient Housing Program for more information. Calculate your rebate.

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