Renovation Program

The Renovation program began in 2010, and since then the program has been active primarily in the British Columbia market. A lengthy industry consultation process began in 2015 intended to update the existing renovation program, which included a provisional Renovations Advisory Group, comprised of renovators and industry professionals who are actually doing renovations—this in keeping with Built Green’s underlying belief in engaging with industry. The group reviewed the BUILT GREEN® Renovations Checklist, with input from industry from various geographic regions, alongside the Technical Standards Committee, for recommendations on revisions to ensure relevancy, rigour, and program integrity are maintained. 


In the spring of 2016, a renovation pilot project was soft launched. The program is currently in trials and Built Green Canada is encouraging renovators to consider test piloting with a renovation project Should you be interested in participating or providing feedback, please contact Built Green Canada..


For simplicity, we have created three renovation types: 


- Whole House (75% or more): ERS Required (Single Family Checklist applies) 

- Renovation (40 – 70%) as well as a secondary suite: ERS Required 

- Small Home Improvements (less than 40% and/or bathroom, or kitchen, or basement): ERS is encouraged and rewarded, but not mandatory (more on this below) 


Each of these project types maintains the same seven categories, consistent with our Single Family and High Density (HD) programs. These include Energy, Materials & Methods, Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation, Waste Management, Water Conservation, and Business Practices. The point requirements proposed for Renovation are consistent with the SF program, while the Small Home Improvements’ point requirements are based on an extrapolation from SF as well as points available (checklist items have been added / removed as deemed appropriate).


To view the Renovation BUILT GREEN® Checklist, email us

View the Process Flow Diagram (following similar certification process as Single Family process, except with a pre-Blower Door Test required as well)

Earn Checklist Points with Products

Our online Product Catalogue directly links to checklist action items; therefore, using these products earns you Checklist points towards BUILT GREEN® certification on your project. View products that have been reviewed and approved in our Product Catalogue

Technical Considerations
Request for Interpretation

If you have questions on the interpretation of a checklist item(s), or require further clarification on a technical consideration, you may email us. We ask that you review our Request for Interpretation log, which includes questions and answers previously submitted.

Change Request Form

If you would like to recommend a change or addition to the Renovation, Single Family or High Density Checklist, you may submit your proposal here.