Built Green welcomes its first Saskatchewan-based builder

Dakine Home Builders achieves Platinum right out of the gate


May 1, 2014—With Built Green’s expansion announcement into Saskatchewan and Manitoba late in 2013, the organization welcomed its first Saskatchewan-based builder early in the New Year. Dakine Home Builders Inc. is an established custom residential homebuilder serving the City of Regina and surrounding areas since 2006.


Once a BUILT GREEN® member, the length of time it takes to integrate sustainable building practices into a builder’s operations varies. In the case of Dakine Home Builders Inc., after acing the BUILT GREEN® training, it was no time at all until they began enrolling homes with Built Green Canada. This was a progression that made sense for Dakine Home Builders Inc., who already built energy efficient, environmentally conscious homes—their participation in the BUILT GREEN® program was a likely transition.


As the recipients of four Environmental Leadership Awards, they understand that environmental responsibility means more than just participating in programs, and encompasses careful collaboration with draftsman, framers, plumbing, and heating technicians to ensure each home they build has a low environmental impact. From beginning to end, they look for ways to reduce construction waste and increase a home’s efficiency to reduce our carbon footprint. Noteworthy is also their recent achievement as a finalist in the Green House category at the Canadian Homes Builders’ Association (CHBA) National Sam Awards—Canada’s premier competition for new homes, home renovations, community development, marketing, and sales.


“Becoming a member of Built Green Canada is a natural next step for our company and further solidifies our commitment to building sustainable homes,” says Todd Bodnar, President & Owner, Dakine Home Builders Inc. “Today’s market is strongly driven by profit and bottom lines, one that associates environmental preservation with expense. Instead of asking ‘can we afford to?’ we ask, ‘can we afford not to?’ For Dakine, it’s about integrity and our uncompromising commitment to quality, providing true value for our customers.”


“For Built Green, it is an honour to have another esteemed builder in the program,” says Jenifer Christenson, Executive Director at Built Green Canada. “Their first two BUILT GREEN® certified homes achieved Platinum—they’re truly setting the bar for others to aspire.”


Dakine Home Builders Inc. has been serving clients in the Regina and surrounding areas for over eight years. Building sustainable homes using smart designs and eco-friendly building practices that support environmental preservation, their homes are not only award winning, they are value driven. They are Regina’s only true custom home builder, building homes specific to the customer’s needs, using their ideas to create one-of-a-kind products. Dakine Home Builders Inc. was also the winner of CHBA’s National Sam Award winning for best Single Detached Home under 2,500 Square Feet, for Custom Homes.


Built Green Canada’s expansion across Western Canada addresses the growing demand for responsible sustainability practices driven by builders, developers, government, and homeowners. Built Green’s programs recognize energy efficiency as a fundamental component and move beyond this to include electrical efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air quality, resource use, and overall environmental impact. The expansion marks the success of the organization, in large part, due to those in the residential building sector.