Johns Manville: Sound-SHIELD

JM Sound-SHIELD Formaldehyde-free batts are lightweight, sound-absorbent insulation made of long, resilient glass fibres bonded with a thermosetting resin. Sound-SHIELD batts help provide a more comfortable interior environment by reducing transmission of conversations and the sounds of televisions, stereos and ventilation systems. In floor/ ceiling assemblies, sound control batts may also help reduce transmission of impact-generated sounds between adjacent areas. Used in conjunction with the caulking of joints and resilient channels for drywall attachment, insulation can increase STC ratings by 8 to 10 points. The fibreglass batts are made to fit standard spacing and thickness of wood frame or steel stud construction in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial construction.

Performance Advantages:
  • Formaldehyde-free: will not off-gas formaldehyde in the indoor environment. 
  • Sound Control: reduces transmission of sound through exterior and interior walls and floor or ceiling assemblies. 
  • Fire Resistant and Noncombustible: (see Specification Compliance). 
  • Non-corrosive: does not accelerate corrosion of pipes, wiring or metal studs. 
  • Durable: will not rot, mildew or otherwise deteriorate. 
  • Resilient: bonded glass fibres will not pull apart during normal applications and resist settling, breakdown and sagging from vibration. 
  • Flexible: forms readily around corners and curved surfaces.


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Manufacturer: Johns Manville
Contact: Jerry Wik
Phone: 403.227.2288



BUILT GREEN® Checklist

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7.1  Products used for home are manufactured within 800 km (1 point for each 2 products—maximum of 5 points).